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Myths About Heartworms

MYTH #1 - Heartworms only affect dogs. - FALSE!
Not only dogs, but also cats, ferrets, wildlife, and rarely humans. Adult heartworms are less common in cats, but there is strong evidence that larvae (immature heartworms) can cause disease in the lungs of cats. Heartworm prevention is recommended for both dogs and cats.

MYTH #2 - My pet lives indoors and won’t catch heartworms. - FALSE!
Since heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes, even indoor dogs and cats are exposed to heartworms.

MYTH #3 - Heartworm prevention is only needed in the summer. - FALSE!
In our area, mosquitoes are present all year long.

MYTH #4 - Heartworms can’t be treated. - FALSE!
There is a safe & effective product to treat adult heartworms in dogs. However, the dogs are usually sick from the heartworms, there can be medical complications as the worms die, and the treatment is expensive. It makes much more sense to try to prevent the heartworm infection in the first place. (In cats, however, there is no safe treatment – making prevention even more important!)

MYTH #5 - Heartworm prevention is expensive. - FALSE!
Several brands of heartworm preventatives are available, including a six month injection. For added convenience, some products include flea medications. But basic heartworm prevention can cost less than $3 a month for small dogs to less than $6 for dogs up to 100 lbs. (And don’t believe the commercials claiming to have lower prices than vets – the prices at CRPH are often lower!)

Heartworms are a serious medical risk to pets, and we recommend all dogs and cats in our area be on heartworm prevention year round for their whole life


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